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Life3, Per Max and friends!

The new concept and future path for Life3.
Per and Max will work together with different designers for individual projects and in new constellations with a focus on inspiration for the future of our craft and industry. We will broaden the brand Life3 into a inspirational and inventive melting pot of designers for the best of flowers and floral design!
Per and Max have always shared the opinion on the importance of a transparent, ever changing and developing development of the craft and profession. We also truly enjoy working with all different educational systems around the globe. Welcome to challenge us with new projects!


Changes in Life3

It has been a good run! – 13 years of working as Life3. Looking back with a smile at many years of strong curriculum taught around the world, many wonderful floral memories – what a lot of accomplishments!!

It all started when we met at Interflora World Cup 2002 as fellow competitors. We were young then… We had a vision of forging a collaborative working team – something new at the time. We produced series of inspirational and step by step books. We conducted demonstrations and workshops all around the world. We have over the years contributed much to the wellness of the floral industry – showing that together, much can be achieved.

Because of different views and interests for the future Life3 will change. Per and Max will continue Life3 and Tomas will continue on his own. We have therefore agreed to part ways and pursue our separate goals and strive to create new floral memories!


Per Benjamin

Max van de Sluis